Coral I & II

Category: First Class ★★★★
Type: Motor Yacht
Capacity: Coral I - 36 passengers, Coral II - 20 
Length: Coral I - 131ft, Coral II - 113ft
Speed: 12 knots
Cabins: Coral I - 18, Coral II – 11
Crew: 10 + 1 naturalist guide

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Cruise the Galapagos Aboard the Coral I & II

The Coral I and II are sister yachts that tour the same itineraries within the Galapagos. The Coral I is a modern and luxury mega yacht, with a capacity of 36 passengers accommodated in 18 stylish cabins. The Coral II is slightly smaller than its sister, with a capacity of 20 passengers, and is more of a classically luxurious yacht. In 2012, both yachts were fully refurbished.

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Coral I & II Itineraries

Coral I & II Standard Plus Junior Cabin Double Dining Room Lounge Junior Cabin Twin