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The name "Galapagos" comes from the Spanish word "Galapago", a type of saddle. This name was applied when visitors saw the Giant Tortoises and called them (plural) "Galapagos," the name was later coined for the archipelago.

The Galapagos Archipelago, or Province of Galapagos, is made up of 13 islands, 16 islets and 47 rocks, covering an area of 3,029 square miles

Look at the programs we have arranged for you to enjoy Galapagos Islands in the easiest and most complete way. Explore with us the wonders of the enchanted islands and see the main attractions of Galapagos.

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Galapagos Islands Cruises

Cruises are the most common choice to visit the Islands. The overall sea going experience is reason enough to go on a cruise to Galapagos Islands. -We offer you several options of boats and itineraries in order to fit your expectations and needs. Cruises vary in length from 5 or 8 days and the itineraries are specially design in order to cover the most important islands of the Archipelago. The most popular are the 8 days cruises in which you could easily visit up to 20 different places of the Archipelago on 13 islands.

We specialize in booking cruises for travelers with special needs. Our Staff has personally inspected numerous ships and know first-hand what type of cruise experience is possible and what is not possible for you. Galapagos boats range from luxury class to economy class boats.

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Deluxe & First Class Galapagos Cruises

Galapagos LegendGalapagos Legend

★★★★★The Galapagos Legend contains all the facilities and services that will make your trip around the Galapagos as memorable and luxurious as possible. Read More

Santa Cruz IISanta Cruz II

★★★★★From Master Suites to Standard Cabins, offers a wide range of accommodation with the same high standards of comfort, as well as options for family travel. Read More

Celebrity XperienceCelebrity Xperience

★★★★★The Celebrity Xperience is an outstanding expedition vessel that offers guests a memorable cruise to the Enchanted Islands. On board passengers can enjoy impressive open-air spaces. Read More


★★★★★This luxury catamaran has a capacity for 16 passengers, eleven crew members plus guide, offering a service ratio of almost one to one. Read More

Celebrity XplorationCelebrity Xploration

★★★★An outstanding catamaran that explores the unique flora and fauna of the Galapagos combining adventure with an exceptional comfort. Read More

Coral I & IICoral I & II

★★★★The Coral I and II are sister yachts that tour the same itineraries within the Galapagos. In 2012, both yachts were fully refurbished. Read More


★★★★On board this well-designed vessel, you can enjoy of complete days of explorations and adventure in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Read More

Galapagos OdysseyGalapagos Odyssey

★★★★The Odyssey offers elegant social areas that are used to hold trip meetings, discuss your day to day itinerary, and share your experiences with other passengers. Read More

Tip Top IITip Top II

★★★★Tip Top II hosts 16 passengers in 8 cabins: Private bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin and vanity), locker and drawers, safety box, air conditioned. Read More

Tourist Superior & Tourist Class Galapagos Cruises

Mary AnneMary Anne

★★★This elegant barquetine was designed specifically with environmentally friendly operations in mind. Read More


★★★A comfortable boat that accommodates 16 passengers in cozy double, matrimonial and single cabins, all decorated and equipped for a relaxing cruise experience. Read More


★★A spacious yacht that hosts 16 passengers in comfortable double cabins, all furnished and equipped to provide guests a relaxing cruise in the Galapagos. Read More


★★M/Y Darwin offers an intimate environment and privacy to enjoy close encounters with nature. Was built in 1995 in Puerto Ayora, Galápagos. Read More


A different way to discover the Galapagos are the land based tours. Walking allows you to explore at your own pace and gives you the ability to touch, taste and see. If you are prone to seasickness, land based trips to the Galapagos can be an excellent and cheaper alternative you will return to a hotel in the evening instead of a cruise ship.

Staying in at hotel on the Galapagos Islands and taking combined programs or day trips instead of taking a cruise of several days has become an increasingly popular way to visit the Islands, the land-based model provides a very different experience than a cruise.

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5-day San Cristobal & Santa Cruz 5-day San Cristobal & Santa Cruz

★★★Discover these enchanted islands in a tour of 5 days / 4 nights, and experience the history and nature of the Galapagos Islands in all its splendor. Read More

4-day San Cristobal & Santa Cruz 4-day San Cristobal & Santa Cruz

★★★San Cristobal and Santa Cruz islands provide the adequate and perfect setting for a variety of activities. Enjoy the confort of a first class eco-hotel. Read More

8-day Magic Galapagos 8-day Magic Galapagos

★★★★Magic Galapagos is an 8-day package designed to experience the best of Galapagos in Santa Cruz and Isabela, plus one other island of your choosing. Read More

6-day Enchanted Galapagos 6-day Enchanted Galapagos

★★★★A 6-day package based on Santa Cruz Island. Offers the chance to visit South Plaza, Bartholomew, North Seymour, Floreana or similar islands. Read More

6-day Galapagos Diverso 6-day Galapagos Diverso

★★★★Galapagos Diverse Package was designed so that you can experience the best of Galapagos in two of the best islands: Santa Cruz and Isabela. Read More

5-day Galapagos Deluxe 5-day Galapagos Deluxe

★★★★★A luxury hotel in Galapagos offers the perfect combination of land and sea exploration. All-inclusive programs range from 4 to 8 days and include day trips by yacht. Read More